London Evening Standard

“The best and brightest of tomorrow’s leaders.”


Sociable forum for political debate with the aim of “making politics sexy”. Subjects are provocative: e.g. “Are journalists more important than politicians?”. Drinks party ambience loosens you up.

Sunday Times Style Magazine


Plush, historic: the House of Commons, the Carlton Club (18th Century Think-Tank HQ)


“I’m really here to find myself a man.”


Thirty-somethings looking for stimulation. Smattering of high-profile MPs and pundits. “People must be prepared to stand up and take part in an event – we don’t want passive by-standers.”

About us

The Britain Club promotes debate on those key policy areas where the Conservative Party needs to win the confidence and support of the electorate.

We believe that politics matters and that politics is a serious business. But we believe politics can be fun. That’s why we aim to reach out to more young people. That’s why we use innovative and highly entertaining formats which appeal to people in their twenties and thirties.

We believe, too, the Conservative Party must adapt to new ideas. That’s why we welcome non-Conservatives to our events as guests or speakers. That’s why we support debates on global climate change, making poverty history and the internet society.

The Club takes a great interest in international issues especially relating to China, the United States and the Middle East.

Our Principles

“Government is the problem, not the solution”
Ronald Reagan

The Britain Club believes in promoting and fighting for the golden principles of a free society.

These are:

Personal Freedom
Limited Government
National Self-Confidence
Enterprise Culture

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