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Media and Democracy
Reforming Public Service
Crime and Justice
Foreign Policy and Security

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What makes a Successful Prime Minister

Lord (Peter) Hennessy, Historian, Broadcaster and Journalist

Hacking-gate and the Media

Max Mosley, John Whittingdale MP and Michael Binyon

Peace and Prosperity in the Middle East

Khaled Al-Duwaisan, GCVO, Ambassador of Kuwait

Previous Speakers

FW de Klerk, Former President of South Africa

The Road from Apartheid to Full Democracy

The Crown Prince of Bahrain

Bringing Democracy to the Middle East

King Abdullah of Jordan

The Peace Process

The Rt Hon William Hague

Constitutional Reform within Europe



Vice-Foreign Minister Chang Zhijun

China’s Challenges in the 21st Century

Ann Widdecombe and Peter Stringfellow

Politics and Morality